Butterfly 8’8′ Grid 1/4

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An indispensable fabric for working with light. It softens the light. The product is characterized by the highest quality, made of high-class materials.

Butterfly Grid 1/4

Quarter grid

8x8ft (2.35m x 2.35m)

Diffusion fabric made of highly diffusing light material

The fabric is adapted to butterfly frames

Composition: 100% nylon

High resistance to UV radiation

The fabric has a polyurethane coating

High wear and abrasion resistance

Sackcloth carrier tape sewn along the edge

10mm stainless steel mounting holes

Background sewn from sheets of fabric, 1.5 m wide

Weight 48g / m2

Maximum washing temperature 30 ° C

The included transport bag will allow for easy storage

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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