Gobo flag MOLTON 100cm x 100cm

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Gobo, cutter, flag. This is one of the basic tools when working with light. It eliminates unwanted reflections, may also be used to cover the lens against backlight, or other lights or reflections. It is useful if you wish to control the dispersion of light from other sources, or to make the light reach a desired point on the set. This product is characterized by the highest quality and it is made from premium materials


Composition: 100% cotton

Flame retardant fabric, molton

Thick, durable material

Certified fabric, meets European fire standards

NF P 92-503-507, DIN 4102, EN 13773, GB-B1

Substance (300g)/m2

Wide velcros for the assembly on a frame sewn along the edges

Maximum washing temperature 40°C

Steel frame

Composition: 100% steel

Powder coated, black

The diameter of the assembly pin is consistent with the standards of tripods available on the market

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