Diffusion frame FAST 60cm x 90cm grid 1/2

200.00 | In stock: 3 pcs

An indispensable fabric for working with light. It is one of the basic tools when working with light. It softens and diffuses light. The product is characterized by the highest quality, made of high-class materials.

FAST grid 1/2 diffusion frame

Composition: 100% polyamide

Diffusion fabric made of highly diffusing light

Flame retardant fabric

Weight 65g / m2

Risers sewn along the edge with additional cords for assembly

In the corners, wide rubber bands are sewn in for quick mounting on the frame

Maximum washing temperature 30 ° C

Steel frame

Composition: 100% steel

Powder coated black color

The diameter of the mounting spindle is in accordance with the standards on the market of tripods.

3 in stock (can be backordered)

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