Sandbag L

90.00 | In stock: 21 pcs


Used to weigh down, protect tripods, tents etc.
This product is characterized by the highest quality and it is made from premium materials.


Maximum weight, up to 10kg
height 25 cm
width 40 cm

 Composition: kodura

 Durable material

There is a rubber coating inside protecting the bag against soaking when it is used outdoors

Metal rivets protect places exposed to mechanical damage

The pocket has a strong velcro

The edges are strengthened with a sackcloth strip protecting the bag against breaks

The bottom of the bag is strengthened with a wide rubber material protecting the bag against wearing through

A metal snap hook and a pass-through eyelet are used to mount them on a tripod

The bags may be filled with sand or granulate

Bags are sold without the filling

21 in stock (can be backordered)

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